On Thursday, May 18, we can begin by electing a new board of directors who are committed to unifying the neighborhood with openness, fairness, kindness and dialogue.

No matter the outcome of the historic district, the candidates for Fresh Start Eastmoreland are committed to serving the entire neighborhood, listening to all voices, and moving forward to bring our community together again by focusing on issues that matter to all of us – neighborhood safety and crime, our tree canopy, community building events as well as land use and policy. Our neighborhood has been torn apart, and Fresh Start Eastmoreland will bring new leadership to bring us all together. We are a diverse group, bringing extensive volunteer and non-profit board experience.  

Come meet us on Saturday, May 13th at 3616 SE Knapp Street from 3pm – 7pm. 

vote for a Change on May 18

6:30 – 9:00 PM

RSVP here so we can count on you!

No babysitter? No worries! Supervised children are welcome.

Fun for a Change on May 13

3:00 – 7:00 pm
Little Store/Chris Chen's House
3616 SE Knapp St

Fun for a Change, and an ice cream cart, food, drinks, live music and good cheer!  Entire family welcome.

This website, mailers, the May 13th event etc. are fully funded and supported by your neighbors and not by any third parties, including developers or other outside political interests. We are only committed and beholden to you, our Eastmoreland neighbors.